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An idea by two guys in a shed in Albury’ is capturing attention in the world of disaster response. Back in 2014, helicopter pilot Jack Hurley joined with a small team of engineers to create an unmanned aerial robot—also known as a UAR or drone—that could be used to quickly capture photos and data after a disaster like a flood or cyclone. 

The Firetail is an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) consisting of a low-cost foam wing and Australian-made and designed Firetail autopilot and application that enables both the collection and presentation of real-time geo-referenced images and maps for damage assessment. The Firetail folds into a standard backpack and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. The advantages of utilizing a mobile device is that geo-referenced images can be delivered in real time to our Firetail cloud anywhere in the world. Another advantage is that users can review stitched together geo-referenced images upon landing.

A low-cost, easy-to-use drone that helps rapidly assess damage and humanitarian needs in remote areas following a disaster. With the Australian Government’s support, the Firetail prototype will be improved and tailored to suit the needs of local communities in the Pacific.
— Julie Bishop, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The impact of the Firetail in countries hit by natural disasters could save numerous lives thanks to early reporting and providing first responders with accurate, recent data.
— Hayley Williams, Gizmodo
The low-cost drone is designed to be user-friendly and gather real-time images and information from disaster zones in order to target relief.
— Tahlia McPherson, The Border Mail
This Australian designed and made product will help responders rapidly get the data they need to provide emergency relief to affected communities
— Michael Hassett, Innovation Xchange