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link.png Reading PWM Signals From An RC Receiver With Arduino

So you want to create a remote controlled device using an Arduino? To put an Arduino between your RC receiver and servos, you’re going to need to know how to read PWM signals. Getting your Arduino to read signals from an RC receiver is an easy task if you don’t mind doing it badly. If you want to do it elegantly, it’s slightly more challenging.

link.png Magnetic Declination - Screen Cast

I've been doing a lot of documenting, writing manuals and so on, for the new Diamond AP. It's very unexciting work. A lot of stuff that I'm trying to write about would be much easier to demonstrate, so I've decided to start doing screen casts. Here's the first one. It's on how to set up FiretailGCS to (semi-)automatically upload magnetic declination to the autopilot.

link.png The Diamond AP

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, but I can assure you things have been busy behind the scenes here! I think now is a good time to explain what has been happening.

link.png Changing Webhost

This website will probably be offline for a few days while I transfer it to a different server.

link.png How To Compile Firetail Step By Step

I noticed in my website analytics that some people have arrived here by using search phrases like 'firetail uav compile' and 'how to compile firetail uav' . . .

link.png Power Modules Available Now!

They've passed the torture tests and are available in the store now. Plugs into the Firetail autopilot for current and voltage display on the ground.

link.png FLStation 0.8.92 + Firelink2.0

FLStation 0.8.92 + new autopilot firmware. Exciting new stuff included!

link.png Power Module Updates

After testing the first batch of power modules to destruction, it's back to the drawing board.

link.png Shakyness Is Much Better

After the 12km flight, we've found some ways to improve the smoothness of the aircraft in flight. I think the results are pretty good!

link.png Power Modules - Finally!

Power module PCBs have arrived. They are getting torture tested to make sure they are as good as I have promised.

link.png ADC-Probe

ADC-Probe is a small, digital air data probe with no external plumbing.

link.png New Feature - Autolaunch!

The next release will include autolaunch! Not to be confused with auto takeoff.

link.png FLStation 0.7.0

FLStation v0.7.0 is available for download now.

link.png 12km Flight - Video

We flew to the radio tower and back - and filmed it. Warning: contains 12mins of engine noise and shaky video.

link.png Connecting Arduinos

There's a new page in the documentation section on how to connect an Arduino to the autopilot. Potentially very useful!

link.png FireLink License Change

The FireLink API license has been changed from GPL to MIT. This makes it possible for closed source commercial autopilots to use FireLink and the FLStation GCS.

link.png Epic Flight

Today we did a 7.6km flight. This is the longest flight by our flying crew so far.

link.png Autothrottle Video

A quick video showing the autothrottle working using pitch and selected altitude.

link.png FLStation-0.6.98 is now available!

FLStation-0.6.98 is out! The Firetail firmware has some very important bug fixes and everyone should upgrade immediately.

link.png Phantom FX-61 Bungee Setup

Launching flying wings can be a challenge. Here's how we made a bungee slingshot launcher for our Phantom FX-61.

link.png Gyro Bias And Temperature

Demonstrating the effects of temperature on MEMs gyros.

link.png Adding Documentation

Lots of documentation has been added today!

link.png The New Blog

This is the first post on the new blog!!