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Autopilot Boards

Measuring only 60 by 50mm and packed with carefully designed redundant systems, the DAPr5 is the smallest fault tolerant autopilot in the world.


  • Fault tolerant, zero single failure points with recommended accessories
  • Dual-redundant sensors and processors with automatic fail-over
  • Several autopilot modes including waypoint navigation
  • Extremely flexible channel mixing
  • Programmable payload integration
  • High quality MEMs sensors
  • 10Hz GPS on board

Ground Station Software

All our autopilots use the FiretailGCS.

  • Free and open source
  • Easy to use
  • Flight display is touch screen friendly
  • Full flight planning
  • Autopilot setup, calibration and tuning
  • Coms software API is free and under a commercial friendly license (MIT) for custom GCS development.

Simulation and Payload Integration

The DAPr5 can execute software apps from the microSD card. It's an extremely flexible way to customise the autopilot for special functions such as payload control.

DesktopDap is a software program that gives users the tools to compile and thoroughly test autopilot apps on the ground before risking real hardware.

By connecting to the FlightGear simulator, DesktopDap is able to thoroughly test all aspects of the autopilot software.